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Kimola Search API Client Library for .NET

This client library enables you to develop powerful search applications or quickly implement scaleble search functionality to your existing desktop, web or mobile applications.

Kimola Search API Client Library can be used in any language that uses .NET Framework 4.0. Basically, it encapsulates all the internal work and let you work with concrete C# objects while developing your search enabled applications.

This tiny but powerful library supports all the features of Kimola Search.



Let's start by opening a new Console Application project in Visual Studio. Then add following lines into App.config file:

    <section name="kimola" type="Kimola.Config.KimolaConfigurationSection, Kimola.Search" />

    <api url="" key="0123456789ABCDFE" />
    <document defaultPartSpace="ps" defaultCulture="en" />
First section with the configSection tag tells that there should be a kimola tag in the file that represents KimolaConfigurationSection.

Second section with kimola tags contains actual configuration information. url property will be set to API's service url, this url seems likely will not change, when it changes we'll inform. key property is where you will put your API Key. If you didn't get your API Key yet, you can start your 14 days free trial now . Other two property inside document tag, defaultPartSpace and defaultCulture are self-explaining themselves. Let's continue to real action (:

First thing is first, you will need a KimolaClient instance to work with. Then we will create a new KimolaDocument and then index it:

var kimolaClient = new KimolaClient();

// Get a fresh new KimolaDocument instance from kimolaClient then populate properties however you want.
var kimolaDocument = kimolaClient.CreateDocument();
kimolaDocument.PartSpace = "test";
kimolaDocument.Tag = "gandhi";
kimolaDocument.DocumentDate = DateTime.Now;
kimolaDocument.Url = "";
kimolaDocument.Title = "Sample Blog Post";
kimolaDocument.Content = "This is a blog post authored by Mohandas Gandhi.";
kimolaDocument.Fields.Add("ImageURI", "");

// Finally send the document to client to index
That's it! You just indexed a document and you can use it to get search results.

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