public class HarisClient

HarisClient is simply a highly encapsulated HttpClient which makes the necessary requests and returns corresponding objects or throw corresponding exceptions.

Method List:
Method Description
CreateDocument() Creates a HarisDocument instance from the settings provided in the config file. Created document's following fields will be set during this method: PartSpace, Culture, DocumentDate . If the config file is not exists or incomplete this method throws an exception
Index() Indexes a HarisDocument passed as parameter.
BatchIndex() Simultaneously indexes up to 10 HarisDocuments passed as parameter to gain performance.
UnIndex() Unindexes the document from the cloud database with the document url passed as parameter
Truncate() Once executed this method deletes all the documents, partspaces, suggestions and mappings from the cloud database for API Key provided in the config file.
GetPartSpaces() This method returns all the part spaces as string[] for API Key provided in the config file.
DeletePartSpace() Deletes the partspace with the name passed as parameter.
GetPhrases() This method returns the phrases inside a document as string[]. These phrases can be used create pre-searced document structures.
GetSugesstions() This method returns the search suggestions as string[] for the given search term.
Search() Performs search and returns a HarisResult for the following parameters: partspace: A Part Space to search in it. Pass null to search in all part spaces. term: Term to search criteria: HarisCriteria which represents sort order. pageIndex: Page index for search results to be displayed. pageLength: Item count on a single search page._

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