Important Note: If you didn't prepare a config section in your App.config or Web.config, see the first tutorial before reading this one.
In this tutorial we will see:
  • Getting part spaces
  • Deleting part spaces
As you probably know, part spaces are being used to separate documents inside an API Key. A default part space is set to documents created from KimolaClient which is read from config file. You can change documents' part spaces before indexing to separate them. Part spaces doesn't get created specifically. When a new part space defined in a document and indexed, new part space will be added to API Key.

Getting part spaces

Now let's see how to get all part spaces of an API Key:
KimolaClient kimolaClient = new KimolaClient();

string[] partSpaces = kimolaClient.GetPartSpaces();
Now, you have string array filled with part spaces belong to API Key provided in the config file. You can use this to create categorized search UI for your application.

Deleting part spaces

To delete a part space, just call a one line method as below:
KimolaClient kimolaClient = new KimolaClient();

Again the rest will be handled by Kimola Search API.

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